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Peconic provides epigenetic services with the best data resolution available. Results are provided in ready-to-use format to aid in interpretation and publication. We follow carefully designed and documented laboratory protocols to ensure quality results and customer confidentiality.

ChIP-exo Services

ChIP-exo Assay Services from Peconic provide researchers with:

 November 2012:

Peconic LLC is offering new customers introductory pricing on our CHIP-exo Service.   For a limited time, new customers can have their first lot of samples (up to 8) processed for only $1,400/sample. 

Reb site distance graph
  • Superior Resolution – Protein binding sites identified to near base pair resolution vs 100-200 base pair resolution with ChIP-seq.

  •  Ready-to-use Data Presentation – Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and data presentation in a ready-to-use format.

  • Attractive Pricing – Per sample costs with volume discounts that are manageable within most research budgets.

This price includes the ChIP-exo assay and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. 

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Additional Information:

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Peconic’s ChIP-exo service includes performance of the ChIP-exo assay followed by comprehensive bioinformatics analysis.

The ChIP-exo assay, invented by company founder Dr. B. Franklin Pugh, identifies protein binding sites across a genome down to near-single base pair resolution, compared to resolution down to only 100-200 base pairs for current ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq technology. By combining a superior laboratory method with bioinformatics analysis and presentation of data in a publication ready format, Peconic provides significantly improved results over CHIP-seq services in the market. By having the inventor of the ChIP-exo method actively involved in the company, Peconic ensures the highest level of Quality Assurance to customers.

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For more detail on our ChIP-exo services, or for pricing, please contact us at